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By: Elidad Sasoni, Senior Agronomist NaanDanJain 

Published: Irrigazette 163 Edition, Nov. 2017 


The world around us is changing. Change has always been a part of this planet, but recently the rate at which change occurs has been accelerating. 

Extreme weather phenomena, such as tsunamis, earthquakes and floods are becoming more and more common. Many researchers are focusing on climate change and its effects. 

Scientists now know how to explain these phenomena, at least in part, but we are still unable to fully predict events such as heat waves and heavy rains. It seems as if nature itself is changing and although we, the human race, probably have a hand in this, we find ourselves helpless against the outcome. However, despite the fact that the  world is becoming a more extreme place and change of life is upon us, the basic laws of nature  haven’t changed and probably never will. 

 These essential laws of nature – physics, chemistry and thermodynamics – together with our ability to understand them and use them, provide us with the chance we need to meet this great global challenge. 

The natural and agricultural environment is highly affected by climate change. The leafing out,  blooming, flowering, ripening of fruits, water balance and so on are all very susceptible to stress and severe damage as a result of the extreme weather. 

One of these extreme weather events is the drop of temperatures below 0c, namely frost. When these drops in temperature occur out of season, the plants are ill equipped to cope with it on the physiological level, and they suffer severe damage as a result. 

Read more in this article about the different kind of Frost, the methods to protect fields and plantations from Frost, the Frost protection by Sprinklers approach and the Solutions developed by NaanDanJain for Water application as the most effective methods for Frost protection.

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