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Corn with Drip Irrigation

  • Country Romania
  • Solution Corn

This  project of 6.5 Ha. of Automatic Drip Irrigation system was done by NaanDanJain’s Subsidiary in Romania, the county of Braila.

The project components included:

  • Pumping and transporting water from local source
  • Filtration installation
  • Fertilization
  • Infrastructure
  • System Head control
  • Main pipes – LAYFLAT
  • Driplines – TalDrip – recommended for field  row crops requiring  low discharge and close dripper spacing. 

This Dripline is perfect for SDI ( Sub Surface Dripline Irrigation)  – highly recommended for intense farming such as corn – which was used in this project.

The whole irrigation system is Automatic controlled including RTU (Remote Radio Unit ) on site.

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