Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement – NaanDan Website 

NaanDan Irrigation Ltd. is an international leader in the production and distribution of customer-centric irrigation solutions. With over 80 years of experience in over 120 countries worldwide, NaanDan offers the widest range of products and technology solutions that maximize the investment of resources, delivering higher productivity per unit. Our expertise leads to higher crop yields and minimizes risk, which conserves natural and environmental resources. 


NaanDan Irrigation Ltd. is committed to providing the best and most professional service to all of our customers.  To do so, we are working to adapt our website to visitors with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities, in order to help them improve their quality of life and enable their inclusion in society with dignity, equality and independence. 


The following are some instructions to allow you to maximize the accessibility of the NaanDan website: 


  • For full compatibility, use Chrome or Firefox web
  • To navigate through page elements, click the – Tab key.
  • To go back, click – Shift + Tab
  • The accessibility menu on this website enables you to:

– Change the website’s colors (Color section) 

– Enlarge and reduce font size without design breaks 

– Highlight titles and links through underlining 

– You can browse the site using a keyboard only 

– You can open a document without any design 

– Everything can be restored to the default settings 

  • You can easily reach the menus and main content by clicking the following key combinations:

ESC – Resets the index of the document and places it in the quick navigation menu 

ALT + i – Enabling/disabling this information 

ALT + m – Quick transition to the Accessibility menu 

ALT + s – Transition to the Quick Navigation menu 

ALT + 1 – Back to homepage 

ALT + 2 – Move to main menu 

ALT + 3 – Move to main content on page 

ALT + 4 – Move to general search 

ALT + 5 – Move to contact page 

  • When moving between pages on the website, the information regarding the selections you made is saved and continues with you to the next page.


The NaanDan website complies with the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law and the accessibility guidelines in Israeli Standard 5568. This Israeli standard is the same as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA. 

Despite our best efforts to make all the pages on the website accessible, you may find specific parts of the website that are still not accessible. 

We are constantly working to improve the accessibility of our website as part of our commitment and desire to enable the entire population, including people with disabilities, to use it. 


Note that our efforts to make our services accessible even include the production facility and company headquarters in Israel, located on Kibbutz Naan

These efforts include: 

  • Organized disabled parking spaces
  • Accessible restrooms in the guest room
  • Paved and well-organized access paths

NaanDan strives to make adaptations throughout the site for the benefit of its employees and visitors.  


We will be happy to respond to any questions or requests for information and/or suggestions for improvement: 


The statement was updated on:   4/6/2019



  • Font size

Accessibility Legend

For full compatibility, use Chrome and Firefox browsers.                 

In this accessibility tool, several things can be done

  • - Replace website color in the color department
  • - Increase and decrease fonts without design breaks
  • - Emphasize headlines and links in the outline
  • - You can also only work on a keyboard and browse the site
  • - You can play a document without any formatting
  • - Everything can be reset to the default

Main places can be easily reached by the above key combinations

  • ESC resets the index of the document and places it in the Quick Navigation menu
  • ALT + i - Turn off and turn on this information
  • ALT + m - Quick access to the accessibility menu
  • ALT + s - Go to the Quick Navigation menu
  • ALT + 1 - Back to home page
  • ALT + 2 - go to the main menu
  • ALT + 3 - Go to main content on page
  • ALT + 4 - beyond general search
  • ALT + 5 - go to the contact page

If pages are moved through the site information about our choices is saved and continues with the user to the next page