NaanDanJain cooperates with Ag-Tech start-ups

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NaanDanJain cooperates with Ag-Tech start-ups to benefit farmers and save water

The goal is providing an holistic solution to the three primary variables influencing the growing process : Soil, Water and Crop.

By: IsraelAgri, published at IsraelAgri news March 2020 edition

Interview with NaanDanJain’s Senior Agronomist, Yonatan Gelman

NaanDanJain is one of the world’s leading companies in development and manufacture of irrigation solutions. In this era when knowledge equals power, NaanDanJain understands its clients’ needs, and accordingly cooperates with Ag-Tech companies to offer farmers  with “Decision-making  supporting innovative systems” produced by those companies. NaanDanJain, as a global corporation, constitutes a line of communication between those companies and the farmers.

The company is developing a line of ag-tech products, with the goal of providing an holistic solution to the three primary variables influencing the growing process and its success : Soil, Water and Crop. The more accurate the information the farmer receives about these three parameters, the more accurate his decision making process will be, as well as the results. NaanDanJain sees to it that the farmer receives data easily, simply and reliably.

Yonatan: “Our challenge is to provide each farmer with information about the amount of water the plant has lost, so the farmer will know what amount of water must be returned to the plant.” He argues that there are different approaches to irrigation, some based on information about soil condition or plant condition. “We support cross-checking information and giving the farmer both angles of information.” In parallel NaanDanJain is partnering with another company to receive high resolution satellite photos of plant conditions, which are analyzed and translated into more specific data that will give a pin-point picture of the crop for the farmer’s benefit.

Yonatan states that “our goal is that every farmer will be able to distribute enough systems in his field to provide a real reflection of the natural variability between fields, so the farmer will easily be able to return the cost of investment while working, as a direct expression of reduced manufacturing costs – he will learn to irrigate correctly according to plant requirements, and according to the soil’s capacity to retain water, which will be expressed both through healthier crops as well as higher yields”.

NaanDanJain, as a link in the chain, connects AgTech companies with farmers, and makes sure that they receive after-sales support. Yonatan: “This is a communications format in which the farmer pays for a service package that includes:
– Cloud data storage, remote support, software support and also an automatic warning system that comes with default settings and can be edited and changed by the farmer”.
NaanDanJain maintains close ties with its clients, the farmers, is attentive to their needs, endeavoring to bring them innovative technologies to help them cope with intensely competitive agriculture, due to the challenges of our times.

read more about NaanDanJain’s AgTech line of solutions including the Root Sense and the Jain Logic system in the full article HERE



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