Accessories and Maintenance for Micro Sprinklers

NaanDanJain micro-sprinklers should be installed and  operated according to the recommendations in the  relevant catalogs. Find the filtration requirements for your specific product in the NDJ catalog or NDJ web catalog

 NaanDanJain products should operate for a long period of time. However, with time, lime deposits

might occur. This document will guide you on how to  remove it.



Once a year, perform a random check of a few micro- sprinklers at the recommended working pressures, and  compare the actual flow rate in the field to the values  that appear in the catalog, including the permitted  tolerance.


Non-regulated micro sprinklers:

  1. Low flow rates – may indicate possible clogging in the nozzle, at the entrance to the micro sprinkler and in the filters, so these should be checked.
  2. High flow rates – may indicate wear and tear in the nozzle, which should then be replaced.

Regulated micro-sprinklers:

  1. Low flow rates – may indicate possible clogging in the nozzle, at the entrance to the micro-sprinkler and in the filters, so these should be checked.
  2. High flow rates

2.1 Open the micro-sprinkler to verify that the disk  is in place and positioned freely. Clean the disk

and wash the area, and then perform another  flow rate check.

2.2 If the flow rate remains higher than the  permitted maximal rate, it may indicate a

decrease in the quality of the disk, which must  then be replaced.


Only use acid-resistant containers for the cleaning  process.  Use adequate body protection in order to prevent any  direct contact with the acid solution.  Purchase the acid only from official suppliers. Use the  acid according to their official MSDS (material safety  data sheet). Tapered connection must be unassembled before the  acid cleaning treatment.

The cleaning solution is water, diluted with  hydrochloric acid (HCI). Note that the acid should be  poured into the water.


Hydrochloric acid at 32 % concentration  Recommended treatment concentration: 0.2%

Concentration of the solution: (0.2:32) x 1000 = 6.25  This means that 6.25 milliliters of acid are diluted in 1

liter of water.



The micro-sprinklers/foggers should be immersed in  the solution for 3 hours and then properly washed  with water. The process can be repeated up to 4  times (a maximum of 12 hours) if the first cleaning  cycle did not clean the sprinklers perfectly.


You can damage the micro-sprinklers with  a high concentration of acid. Make sure to follow the

instructions exactly, or first try on small number of  micro-sprinklers.


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