K Rotary Nozzle Series (landscape)


Pop-up 1/2” adjustable K Rotary nozzles, designed to fit into a standard pop-up spray head, provide increased uniform coverage over conventional fixed pattern spray nozzles, while delivering matched precipitation.

The highly efficient water delivery reduces soil erosion and runoff, saving water and money.

A perfect solution for low water pressure areas while still delivering precise, even coverage.

Recomended for residential Landscaping.

Stracture adn features

  • Durable design molded with high-impact engineered resin for long life
  • Superior uniformity – multi-stream technology provides outstanding coverage, eliminating

   brown  spots.

  • Matched precipitation – low precipitation rate is proportionate even after arc and radius adjustment.
  • Water smart technology – reduces water use by up to 30% without sacrificing turf quality.
  • Double pop-up design – delivers additional protection from dirt/ particulate intrusion and harsh


  • Simple to adjust
  • Color-coded – 6 standard nozzles and 3 specialty nozzles in the field


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