S 100 (landscape)


Gear-driven, pop-up sprinkler for sports turf.

The standard S100 comes with a unique triple nozzle configuration, with a primary nozzle for long distance coverage and two secondary nozzles for mid and short distance coverage.

This nozzle design provides even water distribution from 13 – 23 meters.

Available in a high-speed version for quick wet down.

Structure and features:

  • Revolutionary patented top arc set – simplified arc set allows for wet or dry adjustment in


  • Triple nozzle configuration – ensures even distribution of water.
  • Arc adjustment range: 40º – 360º
  • Top arc set degree markings – clearly indicate the current watering pattern and simplify arc set


  • Arc memory clutch – prevents internal gear damage and returns rotor to its prior setting

    automatically if nozzle turret is forced out of adjustment.

  • Time-proven patented reversing mechanism – ensures continuous reverse and return.
  • Heavy-duty rubber cover and mud guard – protects against physical injury and reduces liability.
  • Factory-installed check valve – prevents low head drainage.


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