Semi-Automatic Filter

NaanDanJain’s Semi-Automatic suction scanning plastic filters offer a smart, efficient and cost-effective solution for cleaning manual irrigation filters. These lightweight screen filters are quickly and easily cleaned with only the turn of a handle.


A quick-cleaning filter for protection of drip or sprinkler irrigation systems in open fields, orchards, greenhouses and landscaping. Recommended in cases where:

  • The main filtration head is far from the plot.
  • Water quality is bad, requiring frequent filter cleaning.
  • Flow to the plot should not be interrupted for filter cleaning

A main filtration head for relatively small plots of drip or sprinkler irrigation systems in open fields, orchards, and greenhouses. The filtration head consists of several NDJ Semi- Automatic filters in a parallel array. Recommended in cases where:

  • A cost-effective main filtration solution is required.
  • Automation is not viable.
  • Flow rates are moderate or low.
  • The system allows maintenance or replacement of one unit without stopping water supply to the plot.

Stracture and features:

  • Allows filter cleaning without shutting off water supply to the field
  • Eliminates the need for dismantling and rinsing the filtration element
  • Eliminates the need for installing a rinsing valve and hose next to the filter
  • Pop-up clogging indicator shows when the filter is clogged
  • Saves time with a quick turn-of-a-handle cleaning procedure


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