Avocado with Micro Sprinklers

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  • Avocado

Avocados are considered the New ‘Gold’ in Kilimanjaro, bringing wealth to farmers, who in return invest in large-scale projects.

In Southern Highlands in Tanzania, farmers make the efforts to seize the opportunity and invest in Avocado plantations, but local constraints such as lack of water infrastructure, are challenging. 

This is where NaanDanJain steps in and provides a comprehensive solution, which includes all components required for the project while enabling the use of local water resources for irrigation. 

In this Project of 110 Ha.  Massive infrastructure works were required to connect the water source to the designated project zone, including laying of pipes, construction of pumps, control heads and more.

The Irrigation solution chosen is the NaanDanJain’s Micro sprinkler AquaSmart 2002.

The AquaSmart 2002 is a Flow Regulating Micro sprinkler for optimal under tree irrigation, which is perfect for this project’s conditions:

  • It provides uniform irrigationand fertigation in all topographical condition;
  • Has Insect-proof nozzle;
  • It is sturdy yet easy to dismantle and assemble; 
  • it comes with an Innovative spike with locking clip and water-stop aid;

One of the setbacks when it comes to cultivating Avocado is that before the “green gold” can harvested, 2-4 years might pass by.

To compensate for this time and to maintain income, the farmers in Tanzania (as well as in other countries is Africa) are making an efficient matchmaking called “Intercrop”:

The Avocado trees are intentionally planted in wide spacing ( 8 m.) – allowing enough space for the cultivating of short cycle crops, such as  Corn, which can generate income while the Avocado trees are still growing.

The farmers also use the Corn plants to create mulching surrounding the young Avocado trees – to minimize the loss of irrigation water due to evaporation, and reduce water consumptions.

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