Corn with Sub Surface Drip Irrigation

  • Mexico
  • Corn

When it comes to  large scales intense  field crops such as  Corn,  Sugar cane and  Cotton, the use of  Drip irrigation and Subsurface Drip irrigation in particular, is considers the most efficient and recommended  irrigation method.

Subsurface Drip irrigation provides not only a great solution for water saving, but also these additional benefits:

It increases fertilization benefits;

Keeps the top soil dry, which  reduces diseases and  weeds;

Prevents the need for constant  installation and  retrieval of the drip
system, season after season;

Most suitable for modern Harvesting.

In this farm of Rancho la Adelita in  Villa Union  Durango,  Mexico, 
NaanDanJain México   has been providing all components and installation of the  irrigation project of 50 Ha.

All water infrastructure including drip-lines are buried underground – A buried secret insuring a successful growth and yields.

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in irrigation project?

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