Hydrangeas (Hortensias) Net-houses with Drip Irrigation

  • Colombia
  • Hydrangeas (Hortensias) flowers

When the Summer season fades into Fall, we obsess over one last-standing flowering shrub: the Hydrangea ( known as  Hortensia in Spanish).

These beautiful delicate flowers have special needs which require special attention a care –

  1. The Hydrangeas is know for its exceptional thirst for water.
    In fact it’s name hide a  gardening tip: The name hydrangea originates from two Greek words: “hydro,” a prefix meaning “water,” and “angeion,” meaning “vessel” or “container.” Together, the rough translation is “water vessel,” which refers to the flower’s high demand of water.
  2. Hydrangeas are also prone to diseases, especially those spread by  wet leaves – such as  powdery mildew and  leaf spot.
  3. These flowers also requires a moist yet not too wet  soil for best results.
  4. Although Hydrangeas need plenty of light, they dislike  direct sun, heat and wind which dry their leaves and bleach the flowers – and do best in partial shaded plots and  net houses.

NaanDanJain Peru provide a comprehensive  solution to all these needs in this  Turn key project of 5 Ha. in this hilly area of  Colombia:

Protected by the  net houses, the Hydrangeas receives it’s water and fertilization directly to the root zone, keeping the leaves dry and the soil constantly moist while saving water.
This is achieved using NaanDanJain’s  TopDrip Pressure compensating irrigation:

  • excellent at variable topography
  • high uniformity
  •  Cascade labyrinth incorporated for maximal clog resistance
  •  Protection from root intrusion
  •  Unique double self-cleaning mechanism
  •  Large water passages for optimal durability at low flow rates
  •  Multiple channel water inlet for operation under heavy dirt load
  •  Close dripper spacing creates a continuous wetted strip

The line are equipped with  Lateral Flush Valves for  effective dripline maintenance.

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