Medjool Dates with Micro Sprinklers

  • Israel
  • Dates ( Medjool )

The Israeli Jordan Valley’s special geographical and climate conditions make agriculture especially profitable – the high temperatures allow year-round of yields, the direct sun improve the quality of fruits, vegetables and flowers grown in this region and the dry weather add to better durability to diseases.  Yet – the very same conditions create great challenges of water shortage and high level of salt in the soil.  Israeli Advanced water technologies are the essential key to the success of this region’s Agriculture.

The Jorden Valley is also where the “King of dates” – the Medjool – is cultivated.

Dates have been a staple food of the Middle East and the Indus Valley for thousands of years.

A large number of date varieties are sold all over the world, but Israel now is the major exporter of one of the large, soft and relatively expensive Medjool all over the world.

In fact, Israel produces some 75% of the entire world production of  Medjool, almost 40% of which cultivated in the Jordan Valley.

The Medjool requires low humidity and lots of heat which make the Israeli Jordan Valley an ideal place for growing high quality dates.

In this project of 120 Hectares, water infrastructures were laid to allow the use of Returned treated water.

The entire system is automated and used for both irrigation and fertilization.

The irrigation solution chosen was NaanDanJain’s Micro sprinkler AquaSmart 2002 which can be adjusted to a varied Water supply application in accordance with the Palm tree growth stages developing needs.

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