Olives with Drip Irrigation

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In this large-scale intense Olive project  of 750 Hectares by  NaanDanJain Spain   in Beja Portugal, two popular Olive varieties are cultivated:

The highly aromatic Arbequina Olive, and the fruity tasting, robustly flavored Arbosana.

With it’s topographically challenging terrain and requirement for long laterals, this project’s irrigation needs call for NaanDanJain’s AmnonDrip PC.

This Dripper provides the perfect solution for the project and crop requirements:

  • Pressure compensating (PC) enabling water application accuracy at variable topography and the installation of long laterals.
  • Efficient self-cleaning turbulence provided by the Cascade labyrinth.
  • Hydrodynamic dripper design ensures continuous flushing of sediments and small dirt particles.
  • Low CV for maximal uniformity. Weir structure improves root intrusion resistance and sand suction.

The use of Drip irrigation in Olives bears many advantages:

  • Efficient uniform fertigation, with water and nutrients delivered directly to the root zone.
  • Laterals lie flat on the surface and do not interfere with the harvesting process.
  • Dry paths between tree rows.
  • Relatively low costs in purchasing, installation, operation, and wear and tear.

The use of Lateral flush Valve (that can be seen in the photo) insures Automatic laterals flush for efficient drip lines maintenance!

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