Reforestation with Button Drippers

  • Turkmenistan
  • Trees for reforestation

Turkmenistan covers a territory of 491.2 thousand km2 , with a total population of 5.1 million.

The largest part of country (80%) is occupied by a desert plain, and arable land constitutes only about 4% of the total land area.

Desertification control activities are important condition for ensuring safe livelihood of desert inhabitants, profitable and rational desert animal husbandry, and harmonious use of desert resources.

As a result of desertification, pasture land has been destroyed, arable land has become heavily salinized, montane forests have been cleared and not replaced. Erosion and water scarcity have increased.

The economic situation of the rural population has deteriorated severely along with the deterioration of the environment.

Turkmenistan government is encouraging sustainable land management; The trees for reforestation are to be planted by local authorities across the republic’s five regions.

The government hopes the measures will help to protect the region from strong winds blowing across the dried-up bed of the Aral Sea, and to combat desertification and soil salinization.

For this project extensive earthworks, land preparation and connection works were done. Pumps, filters and irrigation systems were deployed and installed and put into service. 

 5,000 hectares with 3,000 trees were planted, irrigated with button drippers  ClickTif  on blind PE pipe.

Rehabilitation of ecological conditions will increase standard of life of the Turkmenistan population in the rural area. By decreasing the soil salinity with reforestation, productivity of soil will be increase.

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