Banana Nursery

The Banana is one of the most highly produced and commercialized fruits in the world. According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), approximately five million hectares were harvested in 2012 , and production was roughly 102 million tons. Brazil, India and the
Philippines are the leading producers in terms of cultivated area, representing 722, 481 and 454 thousand hectares respectively.
In 2011 international commercialization of banana resulted in approximately 19 million tons of product.
Most of the intensive farming of banana plants is done via tissue culture. The final stage of the propagation takes place under a net house in pots or bags. Nurseries using these practices sometimes produce millions of plants per cycle. The common practice today is irrigating the pots with drippers, or with sprinklers positioned between the pots on the ground.
The labor costs of managing the drippers and the driplines are high. It’s extremely time-consuming to get the pots and the drippers in position at the beginning of the cycle, and then remove the pots at the end of the cycle. The constant monitoring, maintenance and replacing of drippers is a major expense. Damage done to the irrigation equipment by the workers Damage done to the irrigation equipment by the workers
themselves is also considerable.  The result is plant mortality, insufficient uniformity and eventually loss of income, both directly and indirectly.

NaanDanJain have come up with the perfect solution to these problems. Our solution saves time, labor, space and costs, whichever way you look at it.

NaanDanJain solution for Banana’s nurseries is based on the use of inverted Micro irrigation: the 2005 Aquamaster with Super LPD.


NaanDanJain solution for Banana’s nurseries is based on the use of inverted Micro irrigation: the 2005 AquaMaster with Super LPD.

The 2005 AquaMaster with inverted configuration is positioned every 2 meters on the lateral above the head and every 3.6 meters between laterals, thus providing perfect cover. Along the lateral we deploy a 2005 AquaMaster with a flow rate of 105 l/h, and at the end of the line a 2005 AquaMaster with a flow rate of 250 l/h is deployed. This way, the desired uniformity is ensured.

Each 2005 AquaMaster comes with a unique leakage prevention device (Super LPD) that prevents water from draining out of the sprinkler at the end of the irrigation. The Super LPD allows the sprinklers to all start watering simultaneously. It also prevents excess water from draining down on a single pot. The Super LPD contributes to uniform growth rate of the plants and provides excellent climate control conditions, thanks to immediate short-term activation.

The 2005 AquaMaster solution allows workers to roam freely along the surface of the nursery without accidentally tackling any irrigation equipment, thus preventing harm to the plants. With no component of the irrigation system on the ground, the nursery surface is clean of obstacles. This
allows for more pots per meter and great time-saving because the equipment doesn’t need to be deployed and disassembled again every few months. It therefore goes without saying that by using the 2005 AquaMaster solution, the expense of having to replace broken and damaged drippers is avoided.

Thanks to the 2005 AquaMaster solution and the excellent water distribution uniformity, the physiological conditions of the plants are improved. As a result, the growing period is significantly shortened and the plants come out strong, healthy and identical in size.
The inverted 2005 AquaMaster solution saves time, money, effort and manpower, while reducing plant losses.

Over all, it seems that the world is ready for the next step in Banana nursery irrigation and climate control.  Are you?

For better results and a much smaller investment, try the inverted 2005 AquaMaster solution.

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