Cooling - Cooling for orchards

Direct sunlight on fruit together with high ambient temperature has the potential to cause sun damage.

Over tree sprinkler systems are used to reduce the temperature of the fruit and leaves via evaporative cooling and can therefore help reduce the incidence of sun damage.

Over tree systems are installed on center leader or open vee trellising and are generally in addition to the principal irrigation method which may be drip or micro sprinklers. With correct sprinkler selection the system is suitable for use under protective netting.

The over tree sprinkler system can also be used to help develop color in certain apple varieties.

The system may also assist in reducing damage in light frost situations.

The Opal and Super 10 sprinklers are the superior choice for over tree cooling systems


Sprinkler with silicone motioncontroller,1/2” or 3/8” male thread and female Acme thread mounted on Irristand 52 or riser.

Applications: Irrigation and germination of vegetables, field crops and flowers. Overhead cooling & fruit coloring.


Extra-range, ball-driven sprinkler.

Applications: field crops, greenhouses, residential and landscaping. For extra-range spacing up to 12 m.

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