Crop Care Solution in Green houses

Greenhouses are on the rise!! Climate change and the demand for fresh produce all year round are the main reasons of this trend, which is evident all over the world—from Latin America, North Europe and Africa to the Middle East.

Increasing costs of manpower, efficient use of land and chemicals, demand for less chemical applications, rigorous regulations and concern for farmers’ safety are the main factors that have led us at NDJ to apply our extensive experience in micro-irrigation and climate control to the field of foliar application, and to come up with the Crop Care Solution for Greenhouses.

The NaanDanJain’s Crop Care Solution system is NOT an Irrigation system.

YET, the application of the foliar treatment is done by using NaanDanJain’s

irrigation   product – the Micro sprinkler , the Hadar 7110 Red Sprayer .

THE CONCEPT: The static foliar application system is custom designed for each greenhouse/tunnel. The injection of the solution is done with a special high pressure DSM machine outside of the greenhouse. Then, through the Central Connection Point (CCP), the solution is distributed to laterals installed at the height of the greenhouse, facilitating the application of fertilizers and crop protection (pesticides, insecticides and fungicides(with high uniformity and at a high pressure to ensure maximum coverage. During this process, there is no need for the farmer to enter the greenhouse.

The injection is done by the high-tech DSM machine or special injection system. The advantage of this sprayer is that it operates at high pressures that are fully-controlled. The DSM also injects air at the end of the application in order to clean the system. Surplus solution is returned to the tank. Nothing goes to waste.

NaanDanJain has developed the Hadar Red micro-sprayer.

This micro-sprayer has been specially designed for the system and highly resistant to chemicals and high pressures.

Hadar Red comes with our Leakage Prevention Device (LPD), ensuring that all devices will open at the same time, providing maximum uniformity.

The LPD also closes all devices instantly when pressure drops, preventing nonuniform dripping of big droplets underneath the Microsprayer.

This strategy also prevents the loss of costly chemicals.

All micro-sprayers are easily installed with NaanDanJain’s patented bayonet connectors. These bayonets ensure easy installation and high performance at high pressures.

OPERATIONAL METHOD: Greenhouses/tunnels are divided to 0.25 ha sections. Each section is connected to a CCP.

Each project is custom designed by our planning department according to the specific needs of the farmer, taking under consideration factors such as: greenhouse length and width; spraying volume; number of applications; type of crop; and common chemicals applied.

In farms with many greenhouses/tunnels, it is possible to design the system so that all CCP are located on a main service road, thus maximizing the efficiency of the spraying process and minimizing machinery movement.

Once connected to the CCP, the injection system injects the solution into the system at high pressure, applying it to the greenhouse quickly and efficiently. It takes approximately 30 minutes to cover 1 hectare, and it can be fully operated by one person.


1.  No exposure to chemicals—the operator stands outside the greenhouse during spraying.

2. Time-saving—no need to go back and forth along the greenhouse. Spraying 1 ha of a horizontal crop with a manual blower sprayer takes approximately 7 hours. With the Crop Care solution, it takes approximately 30 minutes.

3. Maximizing the cultivation area inside the greenhouse no need for passageways for maintenance.

4. Maximizing efficiency—thanks to the LPD, chemicals are applied at high uniformity and can be returned to the Sprayer.

5. Can be fully operated by one person.

The NaanDanJain foliar application Crop Care Solution for Greenhouses is cost-effective, time-saving and ready-to- use anytime. It is a unique system in the world, easy to operate, efficient to manage without harming the greenhouse or its content.

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