Herbs - IrriHerb Carpet Growth System

For 20 years, basil has been grown using seedlings. But drops in profitability have led to drops in production and drops in
basil’s cultivation. Export markets have been lost. 

With the farmer’s needs in mind, and an understanding that the first flush of basil is of the highest quality, we at NaanDanJain decided to test a new approach. Using the sowing method, we were able to increase first flush basil yields by 3 to 4 times currently achieved yields in Israel; this, while saving in manpower costs.

NaanDanJain’s IrriHerb – Carpet Growth System revolutionizes the way basil is grown and the quality and quantity of first flush yields.

Here is a summary of some of the benefits to farmers:

• Maximizes basil yields by 300% – close to perfect yields, almost no stems are discarded in the sorting stage
• Time-efficient – quick cycle of growth, and soil can be quickly prepared for new sowing
• Maximizes the greenhouse’s surface through dense sowing and an efficient SDI
• Reduces the need for pesticides and herbicides
• Lowers energy costs
• Greatly reduces need for manual labor



NanaDanJain in conjunction with Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture Research Division conducted an experiment
where by instead of planting seedlings, we densely sowed basil seeds in a greenhouse bed with a subsurface drip irrigation
system (5 cm under the soil).
By densely planting seeds and using a shallow SDI and overhead sprinkler combination, we were able to create a synergistic effect that maximizes greenhouse use and grows unsurpassed, uniform basil stems.
After 19-23 days of the experiment, the entire high tunnel greenhouse was harvested. The first flush basil yield was 3
times the yield achieved with seedlings. This amazing yield was also of superior quality in terms of color, shape and its long

The results of NaanDanJain’s IrriHerb Carpet Growth System are so impressive, that eight systems were bought in the testing-phase!

Its key advantage is its ability to maximize growth cycles, production and profitability.

The system is comprised of the following cutting-edge products:


NaanDanJain’s Green Spin sprinkler is a unique non-drop inverted micro sprinkler that achieves perfect uniform coverage of a greenhouse’s surface area. The small droplets it releases, advances and supports the efficient and uniform germination of basil and other herbs and is effective in
controlling the climate of the greenhouse.
The Green Spin sprinkler is a key factor in enabling growers to perfectly germinate basil seeds. Imperfect germinate and establishment will inhibit basil plants from growing quickly and uniformly.


NaanDanJain’s Ammon Drip is the most reliable anti-siphon drip line on the market. Its state-of-the-art engineering
ensures accurate pressure-compensation and ensures uniform irrigation or fertigation for the establishment and growth of
quality high-yield basil.
Using the Amnon Drip, growers have use of a modular system that gives them maximum control over irrigation and
fertilization throughout the growth process.

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