• An important staple food in most countries. It is one of the twelve main crops and has the sixth largest production scope in tons.
  • Potato production is divided into three main categories: domestic consumption, industry and seeds.
  • The modern market demands a high level of quality and wide range of shape, size, color, and density.
  • The main production markets are Eastern Europe, China, the United States and India.
  • Potato is an annual plant with a shallow root system of about 30-40 cm. Crops are grown successfully in fertile and well-drained soils. The highest yields are obtained in medium soils.
  • The potato is sensitive to moisture conditions and soil temperature, and the leaves are sensitive to frost.
  • The potato responds well to fertilization and fertile soil. In soils with inadequate phosphorus and potassium, a high level of fertilization is required before sowing, and a steady supply of nitrogen is required throughout the growing season.
  • Potato can be grown in two season, depending on the climatic conditions.

Irrigation is one of the most important factors contributing to the success and quality of the potato yield and tolerance to disease.

Annual water consumption is estimated at 4,000-7,000 m3/ha. Short irrigation intervals of 3-5 days maintain soil moisture tension below 30 centibar to prevent stress.


NaanDanJain offers two main systems for optimum irrigation of potatoes: IrriStand and Elite.

These two systems are designed to provide a  comprehensive solution for efficient management of all modern potato crops, in all crop development stages.


What is the IrriStand system?

The IrriStand system for potatoes is a low-flow sprinkler that simulates light rain. The IrriStand is based on a flexible in-and-out solid-set PE system, and is specifically designed to successfully meet potato development stages and requirements:

  • Germination
  • Uniform irrigation (while maintaining soil aeration conditions)
  • Continuous application of nitrogen
  • Micro-climate and soil cooling
  • Maintaining bed structure (prevents soil erosion and cracking).
  • Frost protection

Why IrriStand?

Main advantages

  • Low precipitation rate
  • High efficiency and uniform water distribution
  • Full control over wetted profile
  • Availability of optimal moisture and nutrients for the root system
  • Increase of crop production up to 40-70 ton/ha, according to varieties and season.

High distribution uniformity and low application rate, at frequent irrigation cycles, provide maximum control and monitoring of the wetted and aerated soil profile, which is essential for the shallow root system.

  • Low application rate (3-5 mm/h): allows optimal absorption of water into the soil, no run-off even on slopes.
  • Low droplet impact: preserves soil structure and prevents crust formation to allow perfect germination and development
  • Short irrigation cycles: prevents stress caused by water surplus; provides optimal growing conditions with highly accessible water and nutrients in a controlled wetted and aerated soil profile; no nitrate leaches below the root zone and leakage into the groundwater.


Based on the IrriStand concept, the Elite is a solidest

system including 50 mm PE pipes with segments of 9 m, 10 m, and 12 m(other lengths can be supplied on request).  Main advantages: special engineering design for easy and quick assembling, ensures perfect operational flexibility.




Compact ball-driven sealed mechanism for spacing up to 12 m

Available with flow regulator

5022 SD-U

Impact sprinkler for spacing up to 12 m

Reliable at low-pressure conditions

Available with flow regulator

5022 SD

Impact sprinkler with single nozzle concept and unique SD

hammer for spacing up to 14 m

Reliable at low-pressure conditions

6025 SD

Impact sprinkler with single nozzle concept and unique SD

hammer for spacing up to 16 m.

Reliable at low-pressure conditions.

Improved resistance to wind.

LPD for IrriStand (IrriStand Leakage Prevention Device)

Prevents drainage from the irrigation system. Maintains a full irrigation system and ensures uniform irrigation in each area at a given time. Prevents destruction of crop rows.



The IrriStand and Elite can be used efficiently as a frost protection system.


  • Low precipitation
  • High uniformity
  • Optimal sprinkler rotation speed
  • Cost-effective (IrriStand or Elite systems) cover a large area using relatively small pumps).

For large fields with a small pump capacity, an early light irrigation will warm the air above the immediate surface, raising the temperature by 1°C. This is an important factor for emerged potatoes.



Pesticide control

The IrriStand solid-set system enables complete flexibility of irrigation timing and spraying.

In some cases, the sprinkler system can be used for chemigation.

Soil temperature

Tuber quality is affected by soil temperature. Light irrigation helps to cool the soil surface.


The high water distribution uniformity of the IrriStand system ensures accurate application of fertilizers to each square meter in the field.


The low precipitation rate of the IrriStand prevents the need for additional tillage and eliminates the need to rebuild eroded beds.


The NaanDanJain IrriStand system has revolutionized the traditional sprinkler market. Potato growers will achieve immediate benefit from the system. Contact your dealer or our office for further information .

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